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About BOWGO:

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It all started on September 30th, 2017…

when a 26 year old gypsy walked up to a 24 year old hip-hop artist after a dazzling performance. It was buy one, get one ever since. BOWGO stems from a long line of arguments, debates, spats, growls, fights or some would say conversations between the young lovers as they make their way through all they want in this life. Which is A LOT. Listen and watch the podcast to see the duo challenge ALL perspectives. Even their own. Through ups, downs and lulls they still have each other? Or do they? Check it out for yourself.

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With so much love and support from the podcast, we’ve decided to also document our love and world journey through photography. We travel and document not only to gain person perspective and growth, but also to inspire you to take action and take on the world yourself. Together we want you to own your dream while living your truth. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and just GO. Stay outside of your comfort zone and stay growing. We can’t just tell you to do it. Actions speak so much louder. So watch us. And catch up ;).

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